A Productive Culture

Creating and maintaining a productive organizational culture is challenging and takes time. A good working environment hinges on the organization’s ability to communicate effectively.

Relative to communication, organization leaders use a few trusted techniques to establish and maintain this positive working environment.

Leaders value employee opinions. Employee feedback is critical in understanding whether the organization is functioning internally and externally in line with its mission. There are several different methods of internal feedback. Organizations use everything from casual water cooler conversation, to employee appraisals, to outsourced surveys to gain insight into employees perceptions of the organization and its leadership. Where possible, leaders who meet individually or in small groups with each employee and foster genuine conversation tend to have more positive results from this exercise. This also is affirms employees value to the organization. Honest feedback in turn gives senior executives valuable information regarding the organization’s strengths and weaknesses. From this information the company can create a plan of action to address issues that arise and need improvement.

Leaders realize a break from the norm boosts moral and lends for greater camaraderie. Providing employees the opportunity to take a walk or have short breaks gives them the ability to reset and return more productive to their work. Having company-wide gatherings such as celebrative events allow employees to engage on a deeper level outside of work and foster friendships. Team-building activities give employees an opportunity for fellowship and friendly competition. These events make the workplace more enjoyable and a place employees want to be.

Leaders seek to optimize their communication abilities. They seek out the best tool for communication within their organization that is all inclusive, yet challenges people to grow. They make sure messages are clearly communicated throughout all departments and constantly evaluate themselves to ensure they are doing the best to use effective communication methods.

These efforts on the behalf of leaders echo throughout the organization and foster a productive climate. Teamwork and mutual trust increase among employees and with leadership. The organization can retain employees and have a positive culture for new people coming on board. Employees enjoy working and the environment they enter everyday.



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